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Amazon Supply Chain Management and Logistics Management

How does Amazon manage their logistics?

  • Identify inefficiencies
  • Develop a technological solution
  • Scale the solution into a platform
  • Offer the platform as a novel solution for third-party businesses

What are the responsibilities of a logistics manager?

Responsibilities for Logistics Manager

  • Manage inventory as well as warehouse, transportation, and other logistics processes
  • Develop new strategies to streamline processes and reduce cost
  • Ensure that quality, quantity, customer satisfaction, and financial commitments are met
  • Perform metrics reporting and data analysis tasks to identify issues and opportunities for process improvements

How to be the best logistics manager?


  • Proven working experience as a Logistics Manager
  • Record of successful distribution and logistics management
  • Demonstrable ability to lead and manage staff
  • Proficient in standard logistics software
  • Excellent analytical, problem solving and organisational skills
  • Ability to work independently and handle multiple projects

What is the role and functions of logistics manager?

Logistics Manager duties and responsibilities . While Logistics Managers have a wide variety of responsibilities, some of their general duties involved in the process include: Manage warehouse inventory and keep records of the inventory. Monitor and manage budgets. Select carriers for transportation and negotiate rates and contracts with carriers.

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